5 Keys To Rapid Change

5 Keys To Rapid Change

You are about to discover 5 powerful keys for making any change or achieving any goal, such as:

  • Losing Weight
  • Dealing with Clutter
  • Getting out of overwhelm, so you can feel in control again
  • Discovering your life purpose, so you can do what God put you on earth to do
  • Overcoming self-defeating habits and insecurities
  • Starting a Business

Keys that will ensure change happens faster and more easily than ever before.

In this short report, you will discover five simple strategies that will help you to make the change you have been longing for, more quickly, once and for all!

Creating rapid, LASTING change can be VERY challenging.

If you have been trying for some time to lose weight, deal with clutter, get out of overwhelm, discover your life purpose, or change something else in your life, you know just how frustrating the process of change can be.

Right now, you might feel stuck, discouraged, or even wonder if it’s not worth the effort because it’s not going to happen for you. You may even wonder whether it would be better to give up trying and make the best of things as they are.

Hope deferred really can make the heart sick. If you’re frustrated because you have tried again and again, but never seem to get there, please don’t give up, instead, rekindle hope and find another way.

There are a few simple yet very effective steps you can take to completely transform and simplify the process of making changes – steps I’m about to share with you.

You’ve probably seen other people struggle with making changes too, and wondered if the kind of struggle you’ve been experiencing is normal – just “how it is sometimes.”  After a string of failures it’s easy to unconsciously fall into the trap of starting to believe that change is really hard, not much fun, or, in some cases, impossible.

I struggled to move forward and make major changes in my life for many years. I was frustrated and discouraged, and considered giving up on many of the goals and dreams I had – such as becoming a writer, being a life coach, and creating a successful business doing something I love – until I discovered and put into practice the 5 keys I’m about to share with you here.

Now, I’m a successful coach, and published writer, and I’ve been able to use these strategies to achieve many other previously elusive goals too.

I want you to know that change doesn’t have to be difficult, it CAN happen relatively easily, without great struggle, and a string of disappointments.  And the feeling of achieving long held goals and longed for changes is deeply satisfying – it feels good!

My mission in life is to empower people, just like you, who want to experience the sense of joy, fulfillment, and deep satisfaction that comes when you finally bring about the changes you long to see happen in your life.

That’s why I’m sharing these keys here, so that you can get started right now to create the change you want to see and begin to live the successful life both you and God have in mind.

Let’s dive right in!

Key to Rapid Change 1

Get crystal clear about your direction

One of the problems people encounter when trying to make changes is that they’re not clear about EXACTLY what it is they want to change, or where they want to be instead.

What is your exact goal?

  • What does it look like?
  • What will achieving it give you?
  • How will your life be different once you’ve achieved it?

What is your specific goal?

  • Do you want to “lose weight”, or will you lose 6 pounds a month until you are down to a certain weight?
  • Do you want to “start a business”, or will you create an online business, doing what you love, that brings in at least $60,000 a year?

It’s hard to track your success when your goals are vague.

So, grab a pen right now and get crystal clear on your direction…what is it that you really want to change or create in your life? Be VERY specific. What is it, exactly?

You’ll find it easier to get crystal clear on your goals when you use the SMART goal process – think about your goals and make sure they are:






As you begin to reach some of your specific, clear goals, and continue to get even more clarity and focus, you’ll probably find that you start refining your goals and adding new ones.

You’ll achieve your goals much more easily just by getting clear on EXACTLY what your goals are. This process helps you to FOCUS and frees you to set and achieve even bigger goals, success is a great motivator.

You will find more tips for successful goal setting at the end of this guide.

Here’s another key that has made a huge difference for me and for my clients:

Key to Rapid Change 2

Create an inspiring strategic action plan

Now that you are crystal clear on EXACTLY what you want to achieve, you’ll find that you get there more easily when you create a very specific step by step plan.

Without a detailed strategy, going for your goal is like trying to get from London to Edinburgh without a map – confusing and frustrating.

When you have a detailed map, the journey is clear, you know exactly where to go and when to turn, it’s so much easier – and you might even have some fun on the way.

You always know the next step – take this turn, then this one, then the next. It makes sense, no getting stuck; you always know exactly what to do next. No wasted time wondering about what to do or how to do it.

So, find your notebook, and map out a step by step plan for reaching your goals.

What’s the very first thing you need to do?

What are some things you can do that will make success more likely?  If your goal is to lose 8 pounds this month, your strategy might include joining Weight Watchers and finding someone to exercise with.

If you get stuck with this process, sit back and consider your goal. Ask God to share His strategies with you.

If you could break your goal into three main stages, what would those three stages be?

When you create a blueprint, and map out a step by step plan, it makes achieving your goals more manageable and enjoyable. Because you always know the steps you need to take in the order you need to take them, you always know exactly what to do next.

That makes it so much easier to keep moving forward even on an off day. And as you reach each step, you build momentum that helps you to keep moving forward on all of your goals.

Key to Rapid Change 3

Upgrade Your Skills

If you’ve had trouble achieving your goals in the past, it might simply be because you need to acquire or brush up on some key skills so that it’s easier to reach your goal without getting tripped up.

For example, if you keep getting stuck when trying to get a new business off the ground, it might just be that you need to learn how to market your business effectively.

You don’t start out being an expert at everything you need to know to succeed! So find someone who is already successful at what you want to do and learn from them.

Stop right now and make a list of the skills you need to achieve your particular goals. As you take an inventory, you might notice that while you’re strong in some areas, you would definitely benefit from support in others.

  • In what areas do you need to upgrade your skills?
  • What are your options?
  • Which one of those appeals the most and is likely to bear the most fruit?

What is the first step you will take to get started on upgrading your skills?

Once you learn how, and have necessary skills in place, your feelings of frustration and being stuck will begin to melt away. Your new found skills will help you to feel confident and competent, and pave the way towards continued success!

 Key to Rapid Change 4

Optimize your environment.

Have you ever noticed how energized you feel after spending time in your favourite place, or with your favourite people, or doing something you really enjoy?

Your environment is a huge factor when it comes to setting the scene for success.  For example, I’m energized, enthusiastic, focused, and motivated after spending time training new coaches, or when I’m talking with other people who are as excited about helping people to transform their lives as I am.

On the other hand, it’s hard to sustain motivation and create significant changes in your life when you’re in an environment that doesn’t support you and drags you down.

If you are trying to lose weight, but you have a cupboard full of some of your favourite calorie laden foods, losing weight will be a huge struggle.

If you stop buying things that trip you up, and stock up on delicious treats that support your diet, you’ll already be a whole lot closer to being successful because you’re setting yourself up for success by creating an environment that supports you.

A few things to consider when optimizing your environment:

Think about the people you surround yourself with. Do they support you, and encourage, motivate, and inspire you, or do they burst your bubble, discourage you, and bring you down?

  • What are you willing to do to ensure that you are more consistently in environments where you are surrounded with people, and things that support you in your efforts, and inspire you toward success?
  • What will you add into your environment to make success easier, more fun, and inevitable?

What are you willing to remove from your environment that is hindering your ability to achieve success with ease and joy?

If you’re trying to start a business but your workspace is so cluttered that it takes you an hour to find a space to get down to work, that’s draining, and it’s a huge hindrance.  Deal with the clutter and create an environment that supports you being successful. Get rid of the energy drains and put things in place that make success inevitable.

  • Make a list of things you will add into your environment to support you. Decide when and how you will add those things in.
  • List things you will either eliminate or do less of, so that you set the scene for success.

Key to Rapid Change 5

Renew your mind and take your thoughts captive.

Putting any one of these keys to work in your life will begin to make a huge difference, having said that, your mindset is probably the biggest key, the master key.

Sometimes, whatever you put in place to create an environment that supports change; something still seems to hold you back and get in the way. It’s normal to encounter fears, nagging doubts, and limiting beliefs when you’re making changes and reaching for big goals.

There are many ways to work with these emotional factors so that they no longer have any power over you and sabotage your success.

The first step is simply to become aware of them – start to notice how certain doubts or fears creep in every time you consider taking the next step.

Being aware of what’s happening is half the battle. Once you start to bring these thoughts out of hiding and into the light, you can work to replace them with helpful empowering thoughts that demolish the lies you’ve come to believe.

In my coaching programs, I offer my clients powerful strategies for mastering their thoughts and dealing with them. Having someone alongside to support you through the process of releasing fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, makes a huge difference, and makes success much more likely. Working with a coach was one of the most important steps I took to help me overcome limiting beliefs and pursue my goals.

Until you are ready to work with a coach, you can support yourself by becoming more aware of thoughts and mindsets that threaten to hold you back.

2 Corinthians 10:5 says, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

Romans 12:2 tells us to renew our mind. I really like the way The Message translation puts it.

So, here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life and place it before God as an offering.

Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God.

You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.”

God created you with great purpose in mind, and with His help you CAN do what He has called you to do.

Even a one-degree change is a step in the right direction. What one thing will you do today? Start now!

I’ll be emailing you soon to see how you’re getting on with putting these 5 keys to work in your life, and to see if you have any questions for me, or if I can support you in any way.

Be blessed,

Virginia Towo

Christian Life Coach


I do not want you to leave empty handed so go ahead and press control button and click the Book image or the link below to get a free Reset and Reboot 12day Devotional.

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Tips for successful goal setting

Your goals need to:

  • Be inspiring and tap into motivation.
  • Be written down – this sets the process in motion. Physically writing the goal down strengthens your commitment to make it happen. Write your goal in detail, this crystallises the goal and gives you clear instructions to work with.
  • Have target dates by which you will achieve them – the destination date should be realistic yet challenging. Break your goal down into manageable stages. Put target dates in your diary and review them regularly.
  • Be expressed in the present tense as though they were already real – Your subconscious mind will work all-out to achieve whatever you put into it. Consequently, you’re more likely to achieve your goal if you state your clear destination.
  • Be reviewed daily – this keeps the goal at the forefront of your mind so that you are constantly aware of it, your actions will line up and take you closer to achievement.
  • Have a clearly defined destination – you need to know precisely where you are headed and how you will know that you’ve achieved your goal. What does achieving the goal look like? How does it feel? What will you have in your life?
  • Have a means of measuring progress towards the achievement – write down what you need to do to reach the goal. Give each of these tasks a deadline. Break the goal into small steps and set markers along the way so that you can see your progress. This will help you to keep on track.
  • Have a defined support infrastructure – who or what is going to help you to achieve your goal? It isn’t always easy to reach your goals on your own. You may need to acquire or sharpen skills. You’ll need to invest time. You may need to gather particular people who can provide help or information along the way. It also helps to have people to give support and celebrate the journey.
  • Be set without limits – most people don’t achieve a fraction of what they’re capable of because they make excuses. No excuses.
  • Contain a tangible reward for achievement – the thought of a reward can help you keep going when things seem difficult.
  • Bypass resistance – it helps to list potential obstacles so that you can develop a strategy for overcoming them. If you have a contingency plan, you will be able to move ahead and reach your goals, regardless.

Getting Started With Unlocking Doors With Your Keys
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Stay blessed and use your keys.


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