Virginia Towo

I serve Christian women desiring to grow spiritually and personally to break out of religious perfomance and servitude to unlock their Godly perspective on life so they can find their passion and reason for living














Hi Friends,

I am the first born of 6 siblings and grew up strong  and having to lead our family tribe of six siblings and the role of caretaker and calling out the gold out of people comes naturally to me.

The value of family and friendship supporting each other is of extreme importance to me as I grew up in a broken home. Navigating life and transitioning from stepdaughter. sister, single mom later in my life to Entrepreneur, I understand the important and complex work of building,establishing,maintaining, and navigating  the transformation journey.I t is about the journey more than it is about the destination.

I have 2 children in their twenties, strong relationship with my 5 siblings, a community of mothers and fathers in my church family who have encouraged and helped shape ,encourage and champion me on my journey to be and do better at everything I go after.

I am an emerging power Evangelist with a passion to see God’s sons and daughters awakened to the truth of who they are in Christ and their identity in Him to establish the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth and demonstrate His power. I have a hunger and a growing fire to do what Jesus did through demonstrating the good news with miracles, signs, and wonders. Walking in relationship, love and compassion are at the core of how I love to ministers. My pastoral heart is to disciple through encouragement, prophecy, and healing ministry to see sons saved, healed, delivered and free to live in destiny and calling There is simply no stopping and hindering the healed Bride of Christ. If not us, then who?. I encountered the healing power of Jesus through her own powerful healing when I was eight from an incurable skin eating disease and that set me on a journey to know Him, my Healer.

My Passion

I am passionate to see the body of Christ healed and released to step into their calling and identity. My journey in Power Evangelism and Healing ministry is gradually growing and evolving. My heart is specially drawn to the young generation and women. I have two young adult children both living at home with me.

My heart is to see people living in freedom and joy, real joy. Freedom and joy have nothing to do with money or position. Real freedom and joy come from a healed heart and knowing you are a child of God and that Christ died for you and chose you whilst you were still a sinner. There is nothing you have done, or you will ever do physically or in thought that will ever make Him love you less. I hope as I work with you and you choose me to be your coach that this takes you into a deeper reality of the love of God for you, just as you are, as He takes you by the hand and journeys with you.

Areas we will work through

When you choose to work with me as your coach, my goals are for you to get breakthrough for what your heart yearns for be it, 

Self Esteem and identity

You were made for more than beating yourself up with negative self talk. You can cahnge that inner dialogue and flip the script of what you are believing. Renew your thinking and ,your life will be transformed. Together we can work on your self confidence and worth in Christ. 


For we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do-Eph 2:1.Find your purpose in Christ and bravely embrace it.


There is healing in forgiving. When we hold unforgiveness, it is like drinking a harmful poison that harms us to spite someone else. Choose to surrender and release those who have hurt you and those emotions and walk in forgiveness and watch healing and breakthrough overtake you.


The perfect model of relationship working well is the trinity and God cares about relationships deeply. Learn and adapt communication skills and strategies to have meaningful relationships in marriage, family and friendships.


Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and can prevent you from living the abundant life of living out of overflow and joy. Fear is crippling and can keep you stuck and unable to move back or forward with what you know you are able to do. It immobilizes your movement and advancement. Let me help you see, it has no hold on you as you step out in faith.

Life Transitions

Life is about transitions. Whether its a new job, a new baby, loss or grief, what ever season God has you in the process, I will come alongside you as your biggest cheer leader and help you launch yourself into your new.

086 260 8049

Greystones, Co Wicklow.


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