H.E.R.O is a best-in-class and experiential year-long incubator for every christian woman be it either a mother,wife,pastor,intercessor,worship team member, sister, prayer team member,servers and healers designed to move you to succeed in your soul purpose in 12 months.

HERO is the best experiential and activating program in the world for anyone with a burning desire to transform ,grow and build a success story that will be a legacy for eternity. It is for christian women be it either (preachers, speakers, healing ministery, servers, mothers,sisters and more) who want to make an enormous impact in the world by living out of alignment with their soul purpose in:

  • Purpose and Calling
  • Wholeness and Wellness
  • Family & Relationships
  • Spiritual & Life Transformation
  • Career & Business 
  • Community Outreach
  • Missions
  • Abundant life and going Deeper with God

… and more. 

This is for you if: You know you want to grow in your faith to walk in your giftings, have a difference to make in the world, but are frustrated, dissapointed and overwhelmed with seeing no breakthrough and you are committed to things being different in 2021. You love SERVING people and want to align your spirit and soul purpose with you true self in Christ and are growing in confidence and influence to thrive where you are now without regrets or procrastination and you are committed to making a diffrence in your sphere of influence. You want your life purpose to be clear ,achievable and unique to you.You want the support, step-by-step roadmap to get sustainable, realistic and genuine life goals in Christ for both your faith and personal life circumstances.

In H.E.R.O you will…

Clarify and Transform God's Vision for You and filter out obstacles

With your unique gifts,talents and a story that can and will elevate you to freedom and dreaming fearlessly. Nothing is impossible! Any dream or goal is within reach!

Destory limitting mindsets and obliterate lies that hold you back

Take every thought captive and start to think in alignment with your soul purpose and watch eternal change begin to unfold in and around you

Step by step process to clarify your life vision,dream, soul purpose

Heal and transform what you have been conditioned to believe you are into your authentic self in alignment with your vision.Time is reedamable!

Launch and take back your destiny by rewriting your story

Launch into achiviable action Kingdom steps.Unleash your potential in the here and now by embracing who you really are.

What is inculded in the HERO program;

Step by Step teaching,training and coaching in Self Awarenes, Vision Clarifying.

Fortnightly Teaching and training workshop on your Vision casting and clarification, Self awareness and coming into alignment with your purpose to become who you long to be in Christ.

1 to 1 accountability and support

You will have your own dedicated accountability coach you meet with every month, and check-in with weekly so that you have someone who has your back to make sure blindspots to trip you up and you stay on track with your action steps.

Breaking limitting mindsets and removing obstacles and road blocks weekly workshop

Weekly incubators to work through mindsets, beliefs and obstacle destruction and joyfully come into your God energy to change your thinking and into overflow.

Weekly Q&A, mapping and Hot seat call with Virginia

Get intentional and focused coaching with Virginia in the Hot seat sessions.Virginia will guide you through Holy Spirit on how to proceed with your action steps, time management challenges and help you refocus,reset and re-emerge in your true self journey

Past Training 24/7 access to Program participants

You will have access to all past trainings, workshops,retreats, Q&A so you will never miss out on anything.

Community and support group

Our biggest mentor and coach is Jesus and He was and is all about community. We have weekly Q&A on our Facebook group, many group sessions and Facebook Group where you can ask questions 24/7, you have your accountability coach, and inseason teaching and training. This is where your community and tribe is.

He who has begun a good work in me will complete it. If God is for me,who can be against me!.

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