You will walk in Healing,Freedom and Peace when you choose to forgive as forgiveness involves all parts of our soul. Forgiving will make you healthier mentally, emotionally,spiritually and physically

Join me in this online workshop to discover the keys to:

Restoring Your Health Through Forgiveness
Only $37

WITH THIS TRAINING I WILL SHOW YOU HOW - release the pain of past hurts to the Healer, Jesus - to detox negative emotions by giving up the desire for revenge and punishment -to walk and live in freedom and joy by applying the key of a lifestyle of forgiving - shift discouragement caused by pain and get out of pain prison into abundant joyful living

-walk in greater physical healing as you apply the forgiveness principles

In the Restoring Your Health Through Forgiveness Workshop you will…

Discover what Forgiveness is not, and how your soul is affected by waliking in unforgiveness

Forgiveness is not forgetting the hurt or pain that we were subjected to nor is it an erasure of what happened.

Destory limitting mindsets and obliterate lies by unmasking what Forgiveness is

Take every thought captive and start to think in alignment with your soul purpose and watch eternal change begin to unfold in and around you as you use the key of Forgiveness

Move through the Forgiveness process,step by step to clarify how to forgive

Heal and transform what you have been conditioned to by the hurt and pain.Time is reedamable!

Launch and take back your destiny by rewriting your story by choosing a lifestyle of Forgiving

Launch into achiviable action Kingdom steps.Unleash your potential in the here and now by embracing your healing and freedom

What is inculded in the Workshop;

Step by Step teaching,training and coaching on the benefits of Forgiving

Forgiveness involves all parts of our soul-our will,mind and emotions. Every time we choose to forgive, it's an attitude and a choice that represents self-value.

7 steps to moving through the Forgiveness process and Activation prayer

When you have reached the place of being able to ask God to forgive those who have hurt you, the chains of bondage will begin to fall away, and I will show you how to al last walk free

Application and Q&A with Virginia

Take time and make the intention to apply the teaching and go through the process and the pain in some cases. Reviewing questions.

He who has begun a good work in me will complete it. If God is for me,who can be against me!.

What Others Are Saying About Virginia's Workshop...

 She was able to empathise with where I was at and the content she brought was so simple, fresh and applicable. Her tools and content are full of Biblical truths and are lifelines whether you are dealing with unforgiveness,overwhelm or just normal life stuff. She is a blessing

Charlotte Danst-Netherlands

It was an amazing workshop that she did with us online. It covered the the topics of beliefs, boundaries, identity, forgiveness and purpose. And it was so deep and so life changing, and it really gave some breakthrough


Cheryl Millen-Malta

 And I just wanted to say that I found it very insightful and helpful. And there was a statement that was made that wasn’t very clear to me. So I asked questions, and Virginia helped to clarify it. And it was very, very useful because I hadn’t seen it or understood it that way before. 

Theodora Akpan-United Kingdom

I had been struggling with past hurt from my childhood and the principles Virginia taught on moving through the Forgiveness process were to simple to apply which made it easy to take away and apply in my life to begin my healing and forgiving journey

Fellen Mulutuma-Canada

About Virginia Towo...

Virginia is an emerging power Evangelist with a passion to see God’s sons and daughters awakened to the truth of who they are in Christ and their identity in Him to establish the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth and demonstrate His power. She has a hunger and a growing fire to do what Jesus did through demonstrating the good news with miracles, signs, and wonders. Walking in relationship, love and compassion are at the core of how I love to ministers. Her pastoral heart is to disciple through encouragement, prophecy, and healing ministry to see sons saved, healed, delivered and free to live in destiny and calling There is simply no stopping and hindering the healed Bride of Christ. If not us, then who?. She encountered the healing power of Jesus through her own powerful healing when she was eight from an incurable skin eating disease and that set me on a journey to know Him, her Healer.

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