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It takes courage to approach someone you’ve found on the internet. Trust your instinct. I promise to keep your email address confidential and will only communicate with you in response to your query.

Personal Coaching​

If you’re ready, willing and able to start transforming your life, please don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange a free introductory chat. You can choose any number of coaching sessions. Use contact form to give me your details.

Purpose & Identity

What is Your true identity? What is your purpose here on earth at this time and in this generation? Does a particular job, image, ethnicity, sexual orientation, position, or social status determine identity?  Defining identity as a list of characteristics maginally misses the truth of who we are and why we are here on earth.

Self Improvement & Life Transitions

Life is constantly changing, it is always evolving, and we must learn to move with it, or it will move along without us. Learning to emerge stronger, wiser, and growing to reach our full potential starts with acknowledging that change is inevitable. The best planned and most desired changes can bring life’s toughest challenges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In Christian coaching, bases the approach to helping people to achieve their goals on Biblical principles. Christian coaches are trained to ask powerful questions that help their clients think out loud and experience their own discoveries.

 People are very resourceful and solutions for what they want to achieve is usually
very within reach. People want to be listened to and not talked at and this isat th e base of Christian Coaching. Even though a person may be stuck or confused in some ways, when the answer does come from them and they take ownership of it, then the change is a lot more likely to be lasting and sustainable.

The Christian life coaching process enables you to:

– Discover what you really want
– Identify the gaps and close them
– Change negative beliefs you hold about yourself
– Agree with God regarding what He says about you
– Change your behaviour
– Change your attitudes
– Find your own solutions
– Develop your spiritual life
– Learn to hear God
– Improve relationships
– Achieve your goals

 Christian ife coaching offers a powerful, practical and effective route to lasting change.With me as your coach you will be able to:

– Reach for support, and get it
– Have someone to hold you accountable for what you say you will do
– Voice your anxieties and work through them
– Begin to get much more out of life

 As a Christian coach, my agenda is not to impose my agenda or experiences on you but instead, help you discover what is in your heart, dreams, and goals. I come alongside to support you, brainstorm, and strategize with you, and encourage you in the journey to your desired results.

People in all walks of life and stages of life. As a Christian life coach I mainly:-

– Work with people who are on a spiritual journey and determined to go deeper with God.
– People who want to change their mindset and believe the truth while enhancing their personal wholeness and wellbeing. This process begins with understanding how our thoughts affect our
state of mind and how this affects every aspect of our life.
– People who want to develop a strong personal by discovering and exploring their strengths and values.
– Work with people who are determined to improve their lives regardless of the difficulties they face or the obstacles they have to overcome.
– Coming alongside people at any stage of their journey with God ad as they dream with God

What Is Coaching?  

Taking clients from where they are to where they desire to go. Helping to facilitate growth and change by taking action.

– A process for change that “asks” clients very strategic questions versus “telling” them or giving them advice.
– Coaches build towards the future like architects versus being focused on the past and digging up things like archeologists.

What Coaching Is Not

– Coaches are not like counselors or therapists who deal with a person’s past and need for healing.
– Coaches are not mentors who practice succession training and get clients to replicate the mentor.
– Coaches are not like consultants who solve problems by providing expertise and formulas.

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