Self Improvement & Life Transitions

The true joy of living a happy life is found first in relationship with God and knowing that. With Life Coaching you can start to really live . It is about embracing every moment as a gift and valuable and knowing you are and have done your best today no matter how small.

 We all need encouragement and inspiration in life, something that truly motivates us to our deepest core, to get us and keep us going and moving, towards our goals, aspirations, and vision, and away from everything that could wear us or overwhelm us into despondency. You may be experiencing or contemplating change from absolutely anything you are facing in your personal lives that needs to be looked at…relationships, work, family, kids, finances, weight, sports, give me a call today.

Here is how I propose we can work on your life transition

Pray and ask God for wisdom in brainstorming where I will walk you through figuring out with clarity and wisdom what it is you are looking to achieve, change or transition into within your life. Together we will then identify what you genuinely want and put together realistic action plans with clear timelines of how to achieve that.

As your Coach, I will hold you Responsible and accountable to these action steps. It is your responsibility to put in the work and do what you set out to do each session through debriefing.

We serve a loving and creative God and he is in the business of infusing life into dead things, lets resurrect that dream and that goal and watch God work on our behalf by giving you’re the discipline and the faith to achieve what you really want in your life.

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